Records Management Office

The Records Management Office was established to facilitate the efficient and economical management of recordkeeping activities of the university.  The program provides a variety of valuable services critical to the effective management of the university’s recorded information and provides low-cost maintenance for semi-active and inactive records (needed for ready reference).  The rules established will provide standard guidelines for the University of Tennessee System.

All university departments are encouraged to take advantage of the records management services.  If Records Management cannot handle the request(s) required by a department, then we shall work with UT Purchasing to obtain the proper requirements from an outside vendor whom we determine is in compliance with all state, federal, and university regulations.

The University of Tennessee Records Management Office (RMO) is governed both by the state’s records management program as mandated by several state statutes and gubernatorial decrees (T.C.A. codes) and by University Policy and Procedures (UT FPS 05, 150, 01).

It is the responsibility of the Records Management Division (RMD), Department of General Services to maintain, protect, and retain or dispose of records in accordance with rules and regulations established by the Public Records Commission (TCA 10-7-303).  The RMD manual shall apply to all state agencies as well as Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch of State goverment to the extent that is constitutionally permissible.

Student Transcript Requests are handled through the University Registrar’s Office.  You may contact the Registrar’s Office at (865) 974-2101.