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Box Submission


The Records Management Office will be implementing a new Records Retention Software the week of December 18 – 21, 2023. We will be unable to process box submission requests. Box retrieval requests will only be processed in an emergency. Thank you for your patience. 

Enter Email address of the person entering the boxes.

Enter Department Number – This is the account number related to the boxes.

Enter Phone Number – This is the phone number we will call if we have a question.

Enter Pickup Address – This is the address where the boxes will be picked up, not necessarily the location of the person entering the information.

Click the Submit button to continue.

Temporary Box Number will be auto-populated.

Enter Retention Code (note: These numbers have changed.  Click “Help with retention code?” to see old numbers along side new numbers.  Click “List Retention Codes” if you need to know the length of retention.  From either of these lists, the code can be double-clicked to populate the Retention Code box.

Enter Begin Date and End Date for records in specific box being entered.

Enter Description of Documents – this description could be helpful in locating a box for retrieval purposes.  Please be as thorough as possible.

Click “Save Box.”  If you have another box to enter, you may begin again with the next Retention Code.  If you are finished, you can click “List Boxes” in order to print a copy for your records (this includes a place for a pickup signature and date).

Click “Back.”

If you are finished entering boxes, click “Logout.”  From here, you will be asked if you are finished with this batch.  If you say yes, the say information will be sent to Records Management and the boxes will be picked up accordingly.  If you say no, the information will stay on the site to allow you to come back later.  You will need to enter your email address and department number exactly as you entered it earlier.

Click here for Box Submission Form